So Begins Essential THCnology’s 10 Days of 420

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Hi Everyone! And Welcome to Essential THCnology and Budding Hope.

You know that you’ve reached success when you’ve built a home for so many awesome people. In reality, Essential THCnology is a home to the greatest and the bakest. We want to reach out to everyone who is looking for the best place on informaton about Cannabis, THC and CBD, and other Cannabis Culture products, methods, ideas, fun, and our community! We hope you find our EssentialTHC products highly enjoyable, potent, and medicinal for your every essential need.

My name is Erin Berger, I am the owner and chief operator of Essential THC here in Mesilla Park, New
Mexico. I am very passionate business owner and wellness advocate that wants to help make everyone’s
life happier and healthier. I built Essential THC and work with Budding Hope, LNPP here in New Mexico
because I am on a mission to provide the most outstanding natural medicine for all whom self-medicate.
It is a personal duty of mine to exceed expectations for the patients here in Southwest region here in Las
Cruces, NM; presenting, EssentialTHC with our partner, Budding Hope, as the Go-To for every patient
requiring the highest quality medicine. We provide luscious flower, high-THC extracts, CBD tinctures and
other products that play a part in your mental and physiological health. When your state of emotion and
bodily equilibrium seems to be off, it is best to look for the remedies that may be different from the
usual medical diagnosis (although it is always important to adhere to medical diagnosis firstly should it
be a severe matter) in which you can acquire a medical marijuana card here with Budding Hope and look
more into the kinds of relief that may be just what you’re looking for. Especially in the situation of
having done everything you can to restore your energy and clarity having gone the usual avenues
These are very well the major reasons why our Essential products are so productive to your health, where we’ve typically seen a majority of patients suffering from ailments that they’ve tried everything to fix.

These are very well the major reasons why our Essential products are so productive to your health,
where we’ve typically seen many patients suffering from ailments that they’ve tried everything to fix. In
my personal experience cannabis can provide the user just enough relief and anti-inflammatory benefit
to restore basic functionality, an improved experience and outlook. As we age our endocannabinoid
systems become depleted of the necessary components to properly balance normal human biofunction;
endocannabinoid’s. By the regular uptake of cannabis products and extracts the patient is supplementing endocannabinoid uptake with the natural occurring equivalent “phyto-cannabinoids” like THC delta 9, found only in cannabis thereby restoring the natural tissues, CNS health and autoimmune resistance.

Research has recently shown a possible link between slowing the process of aging and the regular
uptake of phytocannabinoids, especially CBD. Is cannabis the fountain of youth? probably not, however
in my opinion it doesn’t hurt to give it a toke or 2, regularly. Many women who smoke cannabis
experience relief from hormonal cycles and the associated abdominal cramps.
Early on, I smoked cannabis and was very much a fascinated participant in the 90’s era cannabis culture.
My friends and I smoked our first cannabis joint/bong/pipe etc in approximately 1994, we were about
15 yrs old. We listened to the Beastie Boys and partied religiously. I grew a cannabis plant on the roof of
the house my mom (say hi to Tess when you see her at the store) was renting, the landlord found the
plant and destroyed it or secretly kept it? Everything else is just a blur of school, work, cannabis,
Monticello NM, Kauai Hawaii, Mesa Arizona, Jalisco Mexico, Denver Colorado (pre-legalization), El Paso
TX, Parker CO (still no dispensaries in Parker) and finally Southern New Mexico.
Today we want to build our patients up and restore their vitality and overall health and wellness. We
want to share the common sense and rational solutions to the problems we face together.

The 10 days of 4/20: Is our journey as a company in preparing for the upcoming international cannabis
holiday. It’s the single most important day of the year for our industry, it’s like Christmas for the retail
industry. Beginning on April 10thwe began creating content that will be relevant to our preps and the ongoing journeys our staff and patients will be going to experience over the next 10 days. We will be giving the insider details on all our stoner ideas when it comes to 420 and what it means to us. We believe in great 420 deals, so get ready to find out what our 420 specials will be, that will be fun. We believe in our people, you can follow our awesome staff on a journey to where ever that may lead as
we document the big moments and cannabis related experiences we’ll share along the way. Follow us on Instagram and twitter! We want to introduce you to new concepts and make your life easier when it comes to accessing our cannabis. We are working to perfect the cannabis delivery model. As a service provider dedicated to under-served and rural patients it is not only in our best interest to provide rapid cannabis delivery services, it’s necessary to our survival that we optimize the systems and minimize the variables. When we succeed; we provide straight forward value and real-life benefits for our patients.

All-in-all, I have found that the greatest impact I can make is by supporting my family, friends in this community (which in a way is family too), and every single patient who wants to restructure their medicinal and relaxational needs. While I continue to emphasize the importance of keeping to medical doctor and professional advice, I have only my experience which reflects the same relations from what I see in everyone else I have met that’s gone down the same path. This is, finding a really good and natural solution to the normal pains, depression, and sufferings that a hard-working or health-impacted person usually are plagued from on a day to day basis. This is my dream I’m currently building on, and I hope you too find our community to be highly attractive and especially relieiving to your ailments as we together share our experience of making the world a greener place!
In any regard, and with all due love to every person here on the site and in our community, we hope you find all that you’re looking for and are able to join us in this very important mission for a stronger health. Keep toking and stay baked,
Erin Berger
CEO of Essential THCnology, LLC and 4beam, LLC

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