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Hello everyone, Happy 2nd Day of 420 and welcome to another Essential THCnology post!

So the shop is a space we’ve secured in Mesilla, New Mexico where the State Department of Health has allowed patients to use a medical marijuana card to purchase cannabis products. EssentialTHC is your locally owned and operated dispensary that is sure to give you the best product you’ll ever find in the region. ETHC and Budding Hope are an excellent match to provide you with latest in cannabis strains, accessories, and so much more. When you enter you’re greeted by cannabis professionals that want to ensure you’re given the greatest attention of detail to the ailments you may be suffering from. Our bud-tenders will take care of you, make you feel at home and very knowledgeable about the awesome green we know you’ll enjoy and love. We want the best for you, after all.

Welcome to Our Shop, The Essential Dispensary or All You’d Need

Our goal is to provide each individual customer and member experience with the satisfaction you deserve, as we all love to be able to work with cannabis and provide the joy, relief, and reference for every medicine you're interested in. Just imagine the great tasting sensations of your chosen medicine as if the experience was directly from the sunlight, which is how our organic-grown herbs are very much made. There is a particular rewarding feeling when we're able to offer and determine each particular patient's needs and keep to that same value every time you come in. It's what we love and the whole reason cannabis is such a remarkable culture, we've for sure got something we know you'll like. As we are committed to the needs of every and all patients, so too are we to the herb and process of which we receive and put it into your hands. There is a level of quality in everything we do, whether in our store systems and website to provide you the smoothest user and customer experience, or the presentation, dedication, and passion for establishing a comfortable space for all with interest or adoration for cannabis.

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Making US The Zone For Your Cannabis Craves

There are personalized recommendations that we can offer to the individual needs we are laser-focused on. You won't find any other translation between a bud-tender and customer anywhere that is able to offer the familiar feelings as if we were able to read your minds! (It's ok, we can't lol) But it goes to show when you tell us what you're experience is, and what you're trying to relieve, that we have just the fixes for you.

If you want to check us out, we can assure you that you won't be disappointed! You're our cannabis family and we want everyone to spread our cannabis culture. We'd like to see if there's a possibility for making us your #1 Spot!

Here's How to Make ETHC your Go-To

1. Register:
Come visit us at our store and fill out the form, we make a copy of your valid medical card and valid NM state ID and keep it on file in accordance with HIPAA.

2. Go shopping:
Browse our unique selection of products and services by going to our web presence at Place the order online with our simple & convenient active menu feature.

3. Text us:
Do you already know what you want? Use the convenience of your mobile device to send us an order via text message. Simply state the quantities and product descriptions and we will respond with confirmation ASAP! 575.322.4202 is the only # you need.

4. Call In:
Do you have questions? Just call us and we will answer questions to the best of our ability; to help you decide what medicine will work best for you.

5. Freedom of Choice:
You decide how you would like to receive your medication on your schedule. Choose from the following options; Delivery or Pickup.We Deliver 7 days a week during regular business hours! Free of any fee and minimums. Try it today!

6. Leave a Review:
We value our patients and we need you to show the world how much you value us. We will always lead the way on developing thoughtful ways to serve you and improve access to our products and services, we thank you for noticing and sharing what you have experienced with others.

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Essential THCnology is UNIQUE

We are the only dispensary in the region that consistently offers natural sun-light, organic soil and pesticide free meds at a discounted price regardless of potency.

Check out some of our products here:


Thank you for reading and we hope you liked our Shop details! EssentialTHC is ecstatic to meet you and if you want to keep up with the latest in Cannabis and EssentialTHC news, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. If there is one kind of outcome to the goal, it is to provide NM patients with the best personalized customer service in the industry, along with organic soil grown, natural sunlight and pesticide free flower, extracts, edibles and topicals; that exceed patient expectation, every time.

(Finish Conclusion)
Visit us on Facebook or any of our other handles, we've got some great stuff there you might like, too. All the best and wanting to get some medication in your chest,

Erin Berger
CEO of Essential THCnology, LLC and 4beam, LLC

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