Our Story

Budding Hope / Essential THC is open to the NM Dept of Health Medical Cannabis Program patients in the Las Cruces and southern New Mexico region; in compliance with the Erin and Lynne Compassionate Act [n.m. stat. ann. §26-2b-3(f) (2007)].

Our staff of caregivers and technicians are committed to benefiting individuals who choose to self medicate with cannabis and cannabis derived products in the greater Las Cruces / Southern New Mexico region.

Budding Hope produces and administers our selection of excellent cannabis related products with great care using only natural methods of horticulture; primarily consisting of organic soil gardening and partnerships with proven, NM DOH licensed manufacturers.

Essential THC combines Budding Hopes medicine with an upscale environment, a deeply caring and experienced staff along with the latest advances in technology and services related to medical cannabis. We aim to provide regional patients with a myriad of opportunities to participate in the NM Medical Cannabis Program including; accessible and nearby storefronts, phone, web order and delivery services.